The International Project Management Association (IPMA) has a four-level certification program. AIPM is the exclusive IPMA Certification Body (CBC) for Australia and the only one in Australasia.

AIPM is fully endorsed to issue IPMA certifications. Several of our assessors are able to perform both the RegPM and IPMA certification assessments. 

Why consider IPMA certification?

For individuals, IPMA certification:

  • creates a portfolio of work that can be used for marketing on a global scale
  • advances individual competence levels
  • provides feedback for improvement
  • increases personal development by using certification levels as 'stepping stones'
  • increases confidence of internal and external clients

For organisations, IPMA certification:

  • verifies to the market that the certified organisation has competent project managers trained in international best practices
  • boosts employee morale, engagement and performance
  • enables organisations to better understand how their project management performance compares with peers across the world
  • provides recruitment incentive to attract top talent
  • enables organisations to use the same certification standards in all countries across the entire organisation