Leh Simonelli FAIPM / FAPM(UK) / CPPD IPMA 4-L-C First assessor AHRI Certified Professional Doctor of Philosophy (Candidate)

Leh joined AIPM in 1999 and is Managing Director of iPM Group Pty Limited.

Leh’s experience spans a 34- year period within the human resources, project management, education, training and development fields.

Leh holds formal qualifications in project management, management, leadership, assessment and education. He is an endorsed PMO assessor and an IPMA assessor. Leh has been actively involved in AIPM as Victorian Chapter President (2008), Chair of the Professional Development Council (2009 – 2015), IPMA CVMB Board member (2012- Present), and was a National Director previously from 2010 -2013. Leh was appointed as National President (now AIPM Chair) 13th October, 2015.

Special Responsibilities:

  • AIPM Director
  • International Committee