The objectives of the Governance and Ethics Committee are to assist the Board to discharge its corporate governance responsibilities to exercise due care, diligence and skill in relation to:

  1. Oversight of human resource and governance strategies to foster quality management practices;
  2. The setting of key performance areas for the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) and the regular review of the CEO’s performance;
  3. Oversight of management and staff remuneration and benefits to recognise contributions to the organisation by staff and to reward these appropriately;
  4. Oversight of staff policies and procedures,
  5. To determine the pipeline of nominees for election to the Board, by identifying and recommending the process for selecting candidates to fill vacancies or for the appointment of Independent Director/s,
  6. Consulting with Chapter Councils on nominees for the role of Chapter and Congress Board representatives;
  7. To oversee and make recommendations to the Board on any breach or alleged breach by Members of the Constitution, Code of Conduct or relevant governance requirements; and
  8. Oversight of compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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