01 Feb 2018

Contribute to the Project Manager Magazine

Project Manager Magazine

Contribute to Project Manager Magazine

Project management is taking on a human face as our profession moves into sectors such as education, healthcare, community welfare, fire and police, housing and the delivery of other social services like job search and child welfare to people in Australia and overseas. 


Simultaneously, those turning to AIPM members to deliver them from ‘wicked’ problems range from government and charities to private for-profit and faith-based providers.

Tell us how you deliver superior customer service, manage governance, risk and compliance, roll out new programs or work in Indigenous and migrant portfolios, for instance. If you deliver projects, programs and portfolios to help people in a social context, we want to tell your story in our next edition of Project Manager magazine.

Contact Managing Editor Tiffany Eastland at tiffanyeastland@hardiegrant.com by 22 February with the details.