17 Nov 2017

The PM’s essential guide to the serious business of fun

Project Manager Magazine

The PM’s essential guide to the serious business of fun

When Walt Disney etched Disney World out of Florida’s swamps, he bought the 123km2 land portfolio that became one of the world’s most-loved and visited attractions through dummy companies to head off speculators.

So while theme parks are fun, they are also serious business – as will be our April-May 2018 Project Manager.

If your projects bring joy to others, we want to hear from you. For example: building or operating a theme or water park, or play arena; touring a rock band; holding tourist attractions like a bridge climb; curating a film festival; planning public transport for major events like NYE; laying out a new golf course; building a new council playground; hosting a medieval tournament; staging a fan event like Supanova of Comic-Con; engineering thrill rides – and that’s just for starters.

Let your fellow PMs in on the secret of the serious project management behind the scenes that brings fun into our lives. Contact Managing Editor Tiffany Eastland at tiffanyeastland@hardiegrant.com by 6 December with your ideas and details.