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Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 11th Jul 2023

Case study: Bridge42’s road to net zero

Consulting firm Bridge42 share how they achieved Climate Active carbon neutral certification including their four key steps to taking climate action.

Blog, Current events 04th Jul 2023

Tax return 2023 checklist for project managers

We’ve teamed up with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to break down what deductions project managers may be able to claim this tax time.

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 22nd Jun 2023

A reimagined approach to disaster management

Effective disaster management has never been more critical. AIPM fellows share how project management principles could transform disaster management processes.

Blog, Leadership, Paradigm Shift 08th Jun 2023

Surviving change management by being smarter than a frog

Improve your project change management with expert tips on using the OODA Loop model as an adaptive framework.

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 01st Jun 2023

Sustainability managers: the key for medium to large projects

Learn how sustainability managers can facilitate, champion and coach the whole project team to deliver benefits across the triple bottom line.

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 23rd May 2023

Case study: Climate action at Telstra

Telstra project managers give insight into the sustainability focus at Telstra and share lessons from a recent environmental project.

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 16th May 2023

Project managing drought amidst flooding: A story of resilience

Two days after kick-off of a drought project, flooding hit close to a project team member’s home. Hear about the team’s determination to deliver the project in the face of personal disaster.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 09th May 2023

Why ESG expertise is no longer optional

ESG is a topic that can’t be ignored. We examine the rise of ESG and explore how project managers can use ESG expertise to succeed.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 04th May 2023

The case for an enterprise PMO

ePMOs connect strategy to execution. Get expert tips on how to set up an effective ePMO to boost efficiency and project delivery capability.

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 27th Apr 2023

How projects can change our planet

Unprecedented environmental challenges require urgent action on sustainability. We explore how projects and project managers can lead the transformation.

Blog, Current events 04th Apr 2023

PMAA National Winners 2022

The AIPM is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Project Management Achievement Awards (PMAAs).

Blog, Career advancement, Paradigm Shift 28th Mar 2023

Reflecting on a long career and 20 years as an AIPM Fellow

In this article, Jeff Rose, FAIPM reflects on his career as he celebrates his 20th anniversary as a fellow of the AIPM.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 21st Mar 2023

Building a shared understanding of success

Creating a shared view of what success looks like is critical to effective change management but what success looks like can vary drastically

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 14th Mar 2023

Case study: Energy Queensland thriving in disruption

Energy Queensland is on the frontline of disruption. Danielle Abel shares the approach that’s seeing them flourish amid uncertainty.

Blog, Career advancement 13th Mar 2023

Best project management certification in Australia

With an abundance of project management certifications to choose from, you might be wondering, “Which project management certification is the best in Australia?”

Blog, Career advancement 08th Mar 2023

6 tips from 6 women in project management

We sat down with 6 of today’s leading female project management professionals to learn more about their perspectives in project management.

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 27th Feb 2023

A once in a generation opportunity to achieve transformative outcomes at scale

Aaron Hudson MAIPM CPPE looks at how the new wave of infrastructure projects targets transformative outcomes for people and the planet, and why success depends on tenacious project leadership.

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 20th Feb 2023

Veteran employment: valuing diversity of skills in the workplace

Employers and project managers need to broaden their consideration of the untapped potential of veterans and the diversity of skills they can offer.

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 16th Feb 2023

The upside of disruption for project managers

Project professionals often view disruption as a negative, but it can be an opportunity with the potential to create better outcomes.

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 07th Feb 2023

Tackling supply chain disruption with the Integrated Delivery Partner model

Look at how the Integrated Delivery Partner (IDP) model addresses supply chain limitations for the infrastructure sector.

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 31st Jan 2023

What should organisations be doing about the skills shortage?

Answering the questions of how to attract and retain the right people are high on many organisations’ strategic agendas. Jody Blinco MAIPM and Petria Paynter MAIPM look at what organisations can do to fill the skills gap and win over the right project people.

Blog, Technical skills 24th Jan 2023

How to create a contract management plan

A contract management plan is key to successful contract management. Find out why you need one and how to create one here.

Blog, Current events 17th Jan 2023

Adapting to flexible working

As flexible working is here to stay, project managers should consider and mitigate the associated risks to ensure the benefits of flexible working outweigh the risks.

Blog, Career advancement 10th Jan 2023

My career as a project manager – Dave Lavers

In our AIPM meet the member series, we speak to a range of project professionals about their career and experiences, and their advice for fellow project managers.

Blog, Career advancement 21st Dec 2022

The qualities of a good project manager you may be missing

Project managers play a pivotal role in project success. They’re the central unifying force that rallies the troops to get the job done. But what skills and traits do you need to pull that off?

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 16th Dec 2022

Can project managers solve Australia’s construction disruption?

Flavio Macau explores the factors contributing to the supply shortages in Australia and outlines a solution that’s in the hands of project managers.

Blog, Current events 06th Dec 2022

Onwards and upwards | Improving project success in 2023

The AIPM and KPMG’s ‘State of project management in Australia’ report highlights five key ways to improve project success in 2023.

Blog, Current events 29th Nov 2022

Australia’s top project managers of 2022

The state-based winners of the Project Management Achievement Awards have been announced. Here are Australia’s top project managers of 2022.

Blog, Leadership, Paradigm Shift 22nd Nov 2022

A case of reverse knowledge transfer

Learn how AEL Sistemas, the Brazilian subsidiary of Elbit Systems increased its autonomy, including the leadership of all national projects.

Blog, Current events 15th Nov 2022

Australia’s projects of the year 2022

The state-based winners of the Project Management Achievement Awards have been announced. Here are those projects taking the honours of Project of the year

Blog, Current events 01st Nov 2022

Essential tips for project management success

With a project manager skills shortage, IPM Day is an excellent prompt for organisations to recognise individual and team performance.

Blog, Career advancement 25th Oct 2022

My career as a project manager – Lesley Bentley

In our AIPM meet the member series, we speak to project professionals about their career, insights, and advice for fellow project managers.

Blog, Career advancement 18th Oct 2022

How to get into project management without experience

If you want to become a project manager but have no experience or qualifications, read this article to get expert tips and advice to make it happen.

Blog, Technical skills 11th Oct 2022

Contract management 101 for project professionals

Learn about the contract management process and build your contract management skills with practical tips from a lawyer.

Blog, Career advancement 04th Oct 2022

How to make the most out of your AIPM membership

In this guide, learn how AIPM membership can unlock a whole host of benefits and drive your project management career forward.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 27th Sep 2022

Are project managers missing the key value of storytelling?

Dr Paul Steinfort says simple changes to your project plan in how you frame stories can lead to successful outcomes and sustainable futures.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 20th Sep 2022

To program or not to program?

Geoff de Jongh looks at how success can be achieved by elevating individual projects to a nationalised or state-based program of works.

Blog, Technical skills 13th Sep 2022

Project delivery 101 | A guide for project managers

Find out about the range of project delivery methodologies and how you can build robust project delivery skills.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 05th Sep 2022

UOW’s approach to increasing student employability

Here’s a case study of UOW’s novel teaching approach to increase student employability through six complementary practices.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 30th Aug 2022

What it takes to succeed in project complexity

Adviser and coach, Kieran Duck looks at how complex projects include social, as well as technical considerations. Have we forgotten how to build connections?

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 22nd Aug 2022

Why focussing on the scope may not lead to true project success

Focussing solely on the project scope won't achieve true project success. Find out what will and why this is the case.

Blog, Career advancement 02nd Aug 2022

How to be a great project manager

Want to go from being a good project manager to a stand-out-from-the-pack great one? Find out what skills you need to succeed and how to build them.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 26th Jul 2022

An increase in complex projects without increasing staff

Find out how the Capital Facilities Branch of the Department of Defence is managing an increasing number of complex projects without an increase in staff.

Blog, Leadership 19th Jul 2022

Creating a culture of accountability in the workplace

8 tips for leaders wanting to create a culture of accountability in the workplace and why it’s so critical for high-performing teams.

Blog, Career advancement 12th Jul 2022

My career as a project manager – Fiona MacTavish

In our series, we speak to project managers about their career and how AIPM membership and certification have been beneficial. Here we chat to Fiona MacTavish.

Blog, Technical skills 05th Jul 2022

What is resource management and why is it important?

We cover the topic of resource management, including project resource management tools, techniques, and tips to boost your skills.

Blog, Leadership 01st Jul 2022

Leadership in project management

Leadership in project management is both a challenging and rewarding duty. But each individual needs to adopt specific skills and techniques to become an effective and successful project manager.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 28th Jun 2022

Leaving a legacy from your project or program

Find out four ways that astute program managers can work with stakeholders to add value for the future. How will your program consider the legacy?

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 21st Jun 2022

The importance of chaos in successful projects

No matter how good you are at managing projects, life happens. Could the chaos that these problems create be a good thing for your projects?

Blog, Career advancement 07th Jun 2022

How to nail your PMAA submission

Wanting to give yourself the competitive edge over your Project Management Achievement Award (PMAA) submission? Read our guide for advice.

Blog, Technical skills 31st May 2022

Using project life cycles for your project’s success

Following the project life cycle framework throughout all stages helps project managers guide their projects to success.

Blog, Leadership 24th May 2022

Top 4 ways to refocus project teams towards delivery

Discover four ways project leaders can ensure their teams are performing to their best capacity, without resorting to damaging practises like micromanagement.

Blog, Career advancement 17th May 2022

My career as a Project Manager – Pranjal Pawar

We speak to project managers about their career and how AIPM membership and certification have been beneficial. Here we chat to Pranjal Pawar.

Blog, Technical skills 10th May 2022

5 cost estimation techniques for better project management

What is cost estimation, why is it important and how do I do it? We answer all your cost estimation questions and share tips to boost your skills.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Technical skills 03rd May 2022

Increasing productivity with workflow automation

Ronald Tong discusses whether it’s possible to automate our work for better productivity in project management.

Blog, Technical skills 02nd May 2022

Using the Agile Scrum approach in your next project

Check out our blog expert advice for managing projects in the current landscape. Stay updated on the latest in the project management space.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 26th Apr 2022

Managing financial risks in construction projects

Construction projects are experiencing a surge in financial risks. Read the recommendations for addressing the risks and future planning.

Blog, Technical skills 19th Apr 2022

How to improve your project management skills

Access project management education, resources, certification, mentoring and a community to advance your project management career.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 12th Apr 2022

What can leaders do to retain their teams?

Employees are burnt out and it is one of the biggest reasons for their resignation. Find out the best ways to retain staff in this article.

Blog, Technical skills 08th Apr 2022

The 9 essential project management skills you need to be successful in 2022

Here are the 9 essential project management skills to become a highly sought-after project professional. Read our blog to learn more.

Blog, Technical skills 29th Mar 2022

7 popular project scheduling tools and techniques

Discover top project scheduling methods. Explore WBS, Gantt charts, critical path, PERT, resource levelling, duration compression and more.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Technical skills 22nd Mar 2022

Top 3 PM3 project management reports

Find out the top three reports from project management tool, PM3 that are recommended to present to boards and steering committees.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 15th Mar 2022

The case for a chief project officer in the C-Suite

Project management has evolved, yet the reporting function hasn’t. Is project management important enough to have the attention of the board?

Blog, Leadership, Paradigm Shift 01st Mar 2022

Corrections 2030: a transformational project

When P2E was engaged to drive transformational change, it was crucial to use project management and change management methodologies.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Technical skills 22nd Feb 2022

Improving capability maturity with agility

Most organisations need to improve their capability maturity – optimising processes to be as efficient as possible. Learn how.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 15th Feb 2022

Improving employee engagement at Secom

Secom Technical Services has successfully improved employee engagement through an innovative performance management and wellbeing strategy.

Blog, Career advancement 08th Feb 2022

My career as a Project Manager – Nick Jago

We talk to project managers about their career and how AIPM membership and certification have been fundamental. Now we chat to Nick Jago.

Blog, Career advancement 01st Feb 2022

7 ways professional development boosts your career

Here are 7 ways professional development will supercharge your career, and how the AIPM can assist you in getting there.

Blog, Leadership 18th Jan 2022

Management styles in business

We discuss the importance of using a management style and break down seven of the most used strategies in the workplace.

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 11th Jan 2022

A COVID forced business pivot

During the pandemic, many companies were pushed to operate in new ways. Managing Director Andrew Fox describes The Project Bureau’s journey.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 04th Jan 2022

Breaking free from rigid ways of thinking

An experienced project and program manager offers strategies to reduce entrapment to become more adaptive and innovative.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 23rd Dec 2021

Project parent: the greatest challenge of all

Claire Donaldson reflects on how her most recent challenge saw her feeling unprepared even after months of planning.

Blog, Thought leadership 21st Dec 2021

Are you using Agile effectively?

If Agile practices are not increasing your projects’ success rates, read these tips on ensuring your team is using it effectively.

Blog, Thought leadership 14th Dec 2021

Artificial intelligence for sustainable project management

Ingraining sustainability throughout the project life cycle could be more than a puff dream. Find out more about AI in project management.

Blog, Technical skills 07th Dec 2021

A 101 guide to project stakeholder management

Find out what project stakeholder management is, what trends are emerging, techniques to try, and tips for managing challenging stakeholders.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 30th Nov 2021

Managing the mental health of project managers

Learn how Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms can reduce the risks of poor mental health in project managers.

Blog, Career advancement 23rd Nov 2021

My career as a Project Manager – Andrew Waye

We speak to project managers about their career and how AIPM membership has been fundamental. Here we chat to Andrew Waye MAIPM.

Blog, Technical skills 16th Nov 2021

5 key actions for project managers in 2022

The AIPM and KPMG report examines trends in project management. Find out the five ways Project Managers can ensure project success in 2022.

Blog, Technical skills 15th Nov 2021

An overview of Agile project management

In this Agile guide, we will unpack some of its core principles and applications in the context of managing projects.

Blog, Technical skills 09th Nov 2021

Challenging client? Check out our client management tips for project managers

The ability to build great client relationships is key in project management. Learn what skills you need and how to hone your talent.

Blog, Career advancement 02nd Nov 2021

Why you need to upskill your project sponsors

Effective project sponsors are key to project success. Learn why you need to upskill your leaders, boosting their knowledge and performance.

Blog, Thought leadership 26th Oct 2021

Project innovation at the Melton Recycled Water Plant

An innovative project to open a waste to energy facility that converts liquid waste into biogas for renewable energy has been finalised.

Blog, Thought leadership 19th Oct 2021

Onsite to offsite: Where do project managers fit?

As some construction projects move from construction sites into factories, two professors predict the type of skills that will be in demand.

Blog, Technical skills 12th Oct 2021

Agile vs Waterfall: What’s the difference?

In the world of project management methodologies two of the heaviest hitters are Agile and Waterfall, so which one should you choose?

Blog, Career advancement 05th Oct 2021

Why every project manager needs a mentor or mentee

Whether you’re seeking knowledge from a project leader or a mentor wanting to give back, a mentoring program could be for you.

Blog, Thought leadership 28th Sep 2021

The project manager skills shortage – What roles are in high demand?

Find out what roles are in the highest demand due to the current skills shortage in Australia. Read more on our blog.

Blog, Technical skills 21st Sep 2021

Stakeholder engagement: Getting buy-in for your projects

Successful engagement with your stakeholders avoids conflict. Use our 3 step process to create your own stakeholder engagement strategy.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 14th Sep 2021

Bringing energy and vibrancy into ECU’s new city campus project

Check out our blog, providing expert project management advice in the current landscape. Stay updated on the latest in project management.

Blog, Technical skills 07th Sep 2021

Procurement as a skill for project managers

Teresa Scott, Executive Director at the APCC explains how mitigating procurement risk is an essential capability for every project manager.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 31st Aug 2021

Project in the spotlight: Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) Project

Taking out the Project of The Year award in the 2020 PMAAs, the ACCCE Project delivered an innovative policing facility.

Blog, Technical skills 24th Aug 2021

The definitive guide to project forecasting

Learn how to predict project outcomes with our guide to project forecasting. We share examples and tips from project professionals.

Blog, Career advancement 17th Aug 2021

How to get your manager to invest in your professional development

Check out our tips to help get your professional development request over the line with your employer, including a handy email template.

Blog, Technical skills 10th Aug 2021

The ultimate guide to project budgets

Do you want to budget better? Our guide includes examples, templates, cost estimating techniques, and tips for rectifying budget blowouts.

Blog, Career advancement 03rd Aug 2021

Project manager salary – what are we worth?

If you’re wondering how much you’re currently worth, read our blog which looks at the current data for project manager salaries in Australia.

Blog, Career advancement 27th Jul 2021

Benjamin Hanley on developing a successful career in project management

Benjamin Hanley MAIPM, a Consultant at MI-GSO|PCUBED explains how he is crafting a lucrative career in project management.

Blog, Technical skills 20th Jul 2021

Best stakeholder management techniques for project managers

Are you a project manager wanting to know the best techniques for managing stakeholders? Read our guide on what skills you need to succeed.

Blog, Technical skills 13th Jul 2021

What is an Agile environment?

If you’re considering incorporating Agile in your workplace, it is worthwhile to consider the environment your team is working in.

Blog, Career advancement 13th Jul 2021

How professional memberships can advance your career

Join a professional membership association for the resources, professional development, and opportunities you need to excel in your career.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 06th Jul 2021

Project in the spotlight: Improving air quality monitoring stations in NSW

How improved air quality monitoring and strengthened air quality management are helping people manage their own health and wellbeing.

Blog, Thought leadership 29th Jun 2021

Project delivery scorecard: How is your industry performing?

The AIPM and KPMG have analysed industry trends in Australia to determine how each sector is performing. Here’s what we found.

Blog, Technical skills 22nd Jun 2021

What is a project schedule?

Want to create project schedules that improve project outcomes? Learn about schedules and tips to make you a better project manager.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 16th Jun 2021

The Trove modernisation program: Redesigning the National Library of Australia

In June 2020, the National Library of Australia (NLA) successfully released a redesigned, rebranded, rearchitected, transformed Trove.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 16th Jun 2021

Project in the spotlight: Joint Health Command Garrison facilities upgrade

Virtual reality stimulates a paradigm shift in the national healthcare delivery model for Australian Defence Force personnel.

Blog, Thought leadership 08th Jun 2021

What will project led recovery look like in Australia?

With the 2021 National Conference approaching, the topic of how we can support project led recovery is top of mind.

Blog, Technical skills 01st Jun 2021

What is project scope? The ultimate guide to scoping your next project

Want to learn how to create a scope that leads to better project outcomes? Learn what a scope is and why you need one.

Blog, Technical skills 25th May 2021

Managing your risks as a project consultant

To protect yourself from risks, personal accountability and liability, ensuring you have the right professional insurance is essential.

Blog, Technical skills 18th May 2021

Stakeholder engagement strategy: win over your stakeholders

This article provides a stakeholder engagement strategy to follow to ensure you effectively communicate with and influence your stakeholders.

Blog, Career advancement 11th May 2021

Are project management certifications worth it?

Find out from other project managers how certification validated their skills and experience, enhanced employability and increased income.

Blog, Technical skills 10th May 2021

Project management methodologies and approaches

The project management methodologies you pick will help you deliver your project on time and budget. Learn about each project methodology.

Blog, Career advancement 04th May 2021

How Kim Lenox discovered her passion for construction through a chance career move

In our Meet the Member series, we speak to project professionals about their experiences as a project manager, and their advice.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 20th Apr 2021

Project in the spotlight: Animal magnetism draws visitors to South Perth

The ‘animal parade’ installations are part of the City of South Perth’s ‘Connect South Mends Street’ project. Read more about this project.

Blog, Leadership 13th Apr 2021

5 leadership styles used in project management

Want to improve your leadership skills? Here are 5 leadership styles in project management for each stage of a project team formation.

Blog, Thought leadership 06th Apr 2021

Why are early career professionals leaving the construction industry?

In this article Dr. Jessica Borg and Christina M. Scott-Young explore the low retention rates for early career professionals in construction.

Blog, Technical skills 30th Mar 2021

3 communication methods in project management

Poor communication is the primary cause of project failure. So how can you build on your communication skills?

Blog, Thought leadership 23rd Mar 2021

What is design thinking and how can it help project managers?

In this article Chandana Shekar, MAIPM explores the topic of design thinking and how it is an absolute must in a project manager's toolkit.

Blog, Technical skills 18th Mar 2021

Your guide to project management communication

Despite your project profession level, if your project communication skills are lacking, you may struggle with project delivery.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 16th Mar 2021

Project in the spotlight: Palmerston Police Station new purpose-built facility

Lionel Rosenberg from RPS provides an overview of the Palmerston Police Station project, its complexities, outcomes and lessons learned.

Blog, Technical skills 09th Mar 2021

Communication with stakeholders in project management

Lack of communication with stakeholders is a major reason behind project failures. Read about the essentials of stakeholder communication.

Blog, Thought leadership 03rd Mar 2021

How can we pave the way for female project professionals?

We speak to four female project professionals on challenges they faced and how organisations can better support women in project management.

Blog, Technical skills 02nd Mar 2021

3 key elements of effective conflict management

As a project manager there are a range of skills required, one of them being conflict management. Click here to learn more.

Blog, Technical skills 24th Feb 2021

Project communication is broken: These 3 changes can fix it

Here are three changes you can make that will restore your project communication capability. Read on to learn more.

Blog, Thought leadership 09th Feb 2021

What’s holding Agile methods back?

If there was ever a year for agile methods to shine, it was 2020. So why are so few project managers seeing good results from agile methods?

Blog, Thought leadership 04th Feb 2021

Are project managers ready for change?

For many, COVID-19 meant more changes than ever before. So why isn’t formal change management a larger part of the project manager toolkit?

Blog, Current events, Paradigm Shift 02nd Feb 2021

Project in the spotlight: Brisbane airport’s new parallel runway

In this article we hear from Adam Tull about the success of Brisbane Airport Corporation’s $1.1 billion New Parallel Runway (NPR).

Blog, Thought leadership 28th Jan 2021

What will PMOs look like in 2021 and beyond?

Centralised PMOs are back in favour, as well as broadening the scope of their roles. So what comes next? Read more here.

Blog, Leadership 19th Jan 2021

Qualities of a leader – how to influence, motivate and inspire

If you want to get a project successfully across the line, having a great working relationship with your stakeholders is key.

Blog, Career advancement 12th Jan 2021

Using LinkedIn to further your career in 2021

LinkedIn profile writer Karen Tisdell explains how to put together a winning LinkedIn profile and the benefits this has for your career.

Blog, Technical skills 05th Jan 2021

Scope management plan: your secret weapon

Creating a thorough scope management plan is essential, as it helps you bring a project home with successful outcomes.

Blog, Technical skills 22nd Dec 2020

How to create a change management plan

If your organisation is looking to implement change, having the right knowledge and planning is essential to ensure a smooth transition.

Blog, Thought leadership 15th Dec 2020

Project management in the digital age: are you ready for it?

Michael West and Terence Blythman, from GHD explore how the digital age is changing the way we manage projects.

Blog, Career advancement 10th Dec 2020

The top project managers you should get to know

Meet the project professionals who were found to have shown outstanding leadership in project and program delivery over 2020.

Blog, Career advancement 08th Dec 2020

How to get into project management

Building your career as a project manager takes time and patience, but with the right skills you can set yourself up for success.

Blog, Current events 03rd Dec 2020

Australia’s top projects of 2020 revealed

As we near the close of 2020, there has never been a better time to celebrate project success. Read on to learn more.

Blog, Technical skills 24th Nov 2020

Project manager job description: what skills do you need?

Considering a career as a project manager? Here’s a project manager job description that apply to most project manager roles in Australia.

Blog, Career advancement 19th Nov 2020

Intergenerational mentoring to retain baby boomer legacy

With over two million Boomers expected to retire from the workforce in the next decade, organisations need to retain their expertise.

Blog, Technical skills 12th Nov 2020

Risk management in project management: a guide

Without exception, for all project professionals identifying and managing project risk in order to achieve your objectives is essential.

Blog, Thought leadership 27th Oct 2020

Why you should track the benefits

The value of tracking project benefits has caught the attention of organisations across all sectors. Read on to learn more.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 20th Oct 2020

Project in the spotlight: how Lark Distillery moved to sanitiser production

Within a short 6-week period, Lark Distillery added a new offering to its business model, the supply of much needed sanitiser.

Blog, Technical skills 15th Oct 2020

The importance of risk control measures in the workplace

In order to keep your employees and workplace safe, it's important to identify and assess risk through implementing risk control measures.

Blog, Technical skills 08th Oct 2020

7 risk management principles for better results

Knowing the principles of what good risk management looks like will help you when planning for your next project.

Blog, Technical skills 01st Oct 2020

An overview of the risk management process

Following a risk management process is a vital part of project management. Get a quick overview of the process here.

Blog, Technical skills 24th Sep 2020

5 steps to complete a project risk assessment

Blog, Technical skills 21st Sep 2020

The importance of a good business case

Creating a business case from the beginning will set the strategic direction of the project ensuring that you’re choosing the right project.

Blog, Leadership, Technical skills 15th Sep 2020

7 features of a motivated and accountable team

In this blog we hear from Richard Fechner, Global Advisory Leader at GHD about how you can empower your team.

Blog, Career advancement 01st Sep 2020

Expert tips for a successful career in construction project management

Here are some tips to ensure the best outcomes for your projects and your career. Read on to learn more about these expert tips.

Blog, Technical skills 04th Aug 2020

What is Agile project management?

The first thing to understand is that Agile is more a set of principles than one particular methodology. Read on to learn more.

Blog, Career advancement 28th Jul 2020

How to become a project manager

No matter where you are in your career, there are a number of different avenues you can explore to become a Project Manager.

Blog, Career advancement 16th Jul 2020

What does a project manager do?

Are you considering becoming a Project Manager? Here are some of the key skills and tasks of the project professional.

Blog, Paradigm Shift, Thought leadership 30th Jun 2020

Project in the spotlight: improving water quality for a remote NT community

We look at projects delivered across Australia, the challenges the project managers faced and how they overcame them.

Blog, Thought leadership 23rd Jun 2020

Keeping your project on budget and avoiding project overruns

Are you currently facing issues with project overruns? Here are some of the top ways to keep your project on track and within budget.

Blog, Technical skills 16th Jun 2020

5 must-know risk management strategies

James Bawtree speaks about the importance of risk management strategies for the successful delivery of projects.

Blog, Career advancement 28th May 2020

From project coordinator to project manager

As a project coordinator how do you take the step to becoming a project manager? Read our guide which runs you through the process.

Blog, Career advancement 21st May 2020

Are you an accidental project manager?

Do you spend your time managing projects? Here’s how can you earn the recognition to become a project management professional.

Blog, Career advancement 14th May 2020

Project manager to program manager – mapping out your career

Are you considering taking the step from a Project Manager to Program Manager? Here are some key considerations for a new career path.

Blog, Career advancement 28th Jan 2020

Project management salary negotiation: A guide

Good preparation begins with research. Here are some simple yet effective ways for better remuneration, plus our 2020 PM Salary Guide.

Blog, Thought leadership 07th Jan 2020

The millennial project manager: new leaders for a new time

Millennials are at the cusp of big changes to project management since the early 60’s and driving the leadership of technology disruption.