No matter what formal education you have completed to enter a career in project management, it’s important to never stop learning.

There are many benefits to pursuing professional development, or continuing education as it also known. It will help you keep up to date with changes in project management, develop further in your current skills and add new necessary skills.

You shouldn’t wait for your boss to ask you to undertake professional development; being proactive about it will reward you in many ways and lead to better satisfaction in the path your career is taking. You may also be able to claim the cost of training when submitting your tax return if it’s not something your company is committed to assisting with.

Here are just 7 of the many ways professional development will supercharge your career growth, and how the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) can assist you in getting there.

1. It will prove you are skilled and capable

Building credibility is important if you’re searching for a new role or looking for a promotion. Our project management certification, Registered Project Manager (RegPM), will let your employer, clients and peers know you’re a competent project manager and have professional knowledge and skills at a demonstrated level of experience, regardless of your industry or preferred project management methodology.

Recommendation: National Certification

“The 2021 AIPM Project Management Professional Survey showed us that project managers certified by the AIPM are earning around 14% more than non-certified project managers.”

Ailin Bezzo MAIPM CPPP, Head of Product and Member Experience


2. It will boost your confidence in your role

If you’re increasingly feeling like you’re missing certain knowledge in your role, learning more on the topic will provide an instant boost in your confidence, and it comes at a minimal cost, particularly if you’re already a member. At the AIPM, we have regular project management webinars, on a whole host of important topics to choose from. What’s more, if the scheduled time doesn’t suit you, we also have an OnDemand platform, where you can search our library of past webinars, and many webinars are even free for members after three months.

Recommendation: Webinars

3. It will assist you in getting better results

Professional development can help you deepen your existing knowledge to enable you to perform better in your current role. An example of this is the Project Sponsor Masterclass we offer. Being a project sponsor may not have been specified in your job description, but is an incredibly important role in itself and can dramatically affect the success of projects. Taking our sponsor masterclass will equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to be a better project sponsor.

Recommendation: Project Sponsor Masterclass

4. It will show your boss you’re committed

Attending a conference has long been known as the ultimate way to show your boss you’re willing to grow. As convenient as online learning can be, committing to a conference will have you returning with knowledge and connections that you didn’t even know you needed to know. The AIPM hosts a yearly National Conference with a packed program and inspirational speakers.

Recommendation: 2022 National Conference

5. It will give you a positive focus

In the COVID era we’re currently in, having something positive to focus on will reenergise you. Professional development can also prepare you to change companies for a better work/life balance or a ‘great migration’ to regional Australia. Utilise just-in-time learning to upskill through an AIPM endorsed short course.

Recommendation: AIPM endorsed short course

“The day you convince yourself that you’ve mastered your craft or profession or even your relationships, is the day you cease to live. The thirst for knowledge and the mind’s ravenous appetite for constant growth and evolution helps sustain a meaningful existence…”

Carlos Wallace, The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S Quotes


6. It will make you competitive

Whether you want to increase your income or move up the corporate ladder, it’s no doubt that undertaking professional development and adding on new skills and knowledge will make you more competitive. Our two-day Influencing in Project Leadership Workshop, will assist you in advancing your communication and influencing skills, crucial for project, and therefore career success.

Recommendation: Project Leadership workshops

7. It will keep you up to date

As highlighted in the 2021 AIPM/KPMG Project Management Survey Report, transformation and digitisation are happening at a fast rate, and therefore it’s crucial to be open to change and continue upskilling. By ensuring you’re an AIPM member, you can keep up to date through our numerous offerings, including reports, content, webinars and workshops.

Recommendation: Membership

Next steps

Professional development is something you should be committing to regularly in order to reap all the above benefits, and if you have AIPM project management certification, you’ll need to complete 70 CPD (continuing professional development) points over three years. To assist you in finding professional development that suits you best and is delivered in your preferred format, we’ve compiled a handy CPD table of the AIPM professional developments options you can choose from and how many points each is worth.

If you’re not yet an AIPM member, join Australia’s peak project management body today to access exclusive benefits for advancing your career, improving your project management and leadership skills, and growing your network.