If you want to reach the next level in your project management career (and increase your income), certification from a peak industry body might just help.

Project management certification can boost your confidence, showcase your skillset, give you a head start over the competition, and lead to a more rewarding career. Getting certified is well worth your time and offers a fantastic return on investment. But don’t just take our word for it, read on to hear what leading project professionals have to say about certification.

What is project management certification?

Project management certification assesses your current skillset as a project professional and verifies your knowledge and experience against proven practices. Unlike a university degree which typically takes years to complete, project management certification will provide you with the stamp of approval in a matter of months.

Your certification signals to employers that you are qualified, experienced, and capable of performing in a project management role and is a critical component of professional standing.


“I believe that formal certification of project managers is a critical component of our professional standing in the community. Just as doctors, accountants, and architects require certification to practise their professions, there is no reason why PMs should be any different; in many of the roles that PMs find themselves, there can be as much at stake financially and for society in general as there are for the other professions. We should therefore hold ourselves to the same standards of professionalism.”

Nicole Nader FAIPM CPPE, Project Management Specialist, Boeing Defence Australia


What are the benefits of project management certification?

1. Achieve a higher income

According to the 2021 AIPM Project Management Professional Survey, project managers certified by the AIPM report earning around 14% more than non-certified project managers.

Employers can have a greater confidence in your skills, expertise, and experience because it’s been validated by a peak industry body. If you’re looking at ways to grow your income, gaining project management certification could be a useful approach.

2. Boost your resume and access better career opportunities

If you want to stand out when applying for new roles, project management certification is a great strategy. It differentiates you from other applicants and demonstrates your commitment to continuously improving your knowledge, skills, and credentials. In a line ball decision, a certified project manager is more likely to be chosen over an uncertified one.


“All things being equal, if you’re a RegPM and someone else isn’t, the person hiring them can be assured that someone’s actually looked at their stuff, and said, yes, you’ve shown experience in project management.”

Sandra Scheetz MAIPM CPPD, The Arthur Group, AIPM Assessor


3. Gain recognition across any industry

When you’re certified, you’ll be recognised as a project management professional, with skills that are transferrable across industries and projects.

Your certification shows employers, clients, and peers that your professional knowledge is at a demonstrated level. They can rest assured that you have all the essential skills needed to effectively manage their projects, no matter what the industry is.


“It has given me a national profile that is more recognisable by senior leaders across multiple industries, boosting my ability to work in any industry.”

Peter Moutsatsos MAIPM CPPE, Chief Project Officer, Telstra


4. Be a better project manager

During the certification process, you’ll cement important project management skills and identify areas of professional growth. By reflecting on established knowledge and potential gaps to be filled, you’ll have a defined path for professional development to continue learning and growing through your career.


“AIPM’s assessment-based certification process gives confidence that you are indeed performing at the required level. This has given me confidence in my work and my professional value. The competency standards for each level also provides me with a clear road map for what I need to achieve as I work towards my next career stage.”

Jamie Jin MAIPM CPPD, Project Manager, RPS


“If I’m going to be a project manager, I want to be the best project manager I can be, and part of that is having the industry certification.”

Michael Young FAIPM CPPD, former Director of the Board, AIPM


5. Access great networking opportunities

You never know what opportunities might arise from connecting with like-minded professionals. Maybe you’ll discover a new must-have app, uncover a hidden job opportunity or meet a potential mentor. Becoming certified will open doors to networks and communities that could benefit your career in many ways.


“Certification has helped solidify my years of experience as a portfolio executive and helped connect me with equally certified people across the country.”

Peter Moutsatsos MAIPM CPPE, Chief Project Officer, Telstra


6. Speak the language

Most industries have a secret language and acronyms that can trip up newbies and lead to poor project outcomes. With project management communication being such an essential component in delivering successful projects, it’s critical to understand the shared language of project management.

Project management certification will ensure that you’re fluent in project management-ese and shows others that you’ll be on the same page from day one.

Why choose RegPM?

Not all project management certifications are the same, so make sure you do your due diligence when choosing your certification provider. Registered Project Manager certification through AIPM is:

  • Australian-centric: RegPM is the only course specific to Australia. All other project management certifications are based overseas and may not be aligned with the Australian way of working.
  • Competency-based: Unlike other courses, RegPM has no exams or readiness sessions. Certification is based on an assessment of your submission and interviews with your assessor.
  • Suited to the entire PM career cycle: Whether you’re coordinating project plans or leading and directing projects and teams, RegPM has a project management certification for every stage of your career.
  • Recognised by employers: many companies and organisations like Telstra, the Queensland Government, CASG, Aurecon and BAE Systems are AIPM organisation partners. They (and many other employers) encourage employees to gain RegPM certification and reward those who do.
  • Not-for-profit: all profits from fees are invested back into programs to benefit our members.


What is the process of obtaining project management certification through the AIPM?

When you undertake project management certification with the AIPM, you’ll be assessed by a senior project leader. If you have already completed a course or certification on the approved list, we will automatically grant the Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP) level of RegPM certification.

Alternatively, you’ll gather evidence from your recent projects to prove competence for your chosen level of certification and be interviewed on your experience. If successful, you’ll be recognised as a Certified Project Professional. Your name will be placed on our online register and we’ll issue you with a certificate of registration which is valid for three years. You’ll then maintain your certification during the three years by undertaking Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

It was a very interesting journey for myself to be able to revisit some of the core theory that I’d picked up back in my own previous education and masters degree. It forced me to pause, reconsider, apply some theory to my own current practices. And of course, then in terms of the peer review process…very amicable, and quite an enjoyable process.

Peter Dombkins MAIPM CPPD, Gilbert and Tobin


It’s time to act

With many employers asking for RegPM Certification as part of the recruitment process, now is a great time to start your certification journey. It might just be the competitive edge you need, and regardless of where you’re at in your career, we have a certification level to suit. A stamp of approval from a peak industry body will open doors, and you’ll be able to work in any industry, anywhere in the world.

Join over 3,500 project professionals who have taken their project management careers to the next level by signing up for RegPM today.