Every successful project requires a highly skilled project manager who holds a certification. In an increasingly competitive job market, project management certifications allow project professionals to demonstrate their knowledge, expertise and competency for all end-to-end project management-related tasks, including leading, planning, budgeting, scheduling, and executing complex projects.

With an abundance of project management certifications to choose from, you might be wondering, “Which project management certification is the best in Australia?” This useful blog will discuss the Australian Institute of Project Management’s (AIPM’s) best project management certifications that are suited to different stages of a project manager’s career.

Why should you become a Registered Project Manager (RegPM™)?

Becoming a Registered Project Manager (RegPM™) formally recognises your capability and experience, giving you the leading edge at every stage of your project management career. You can use these certifications to advance your career, and whether you’re part of a project team or monitoring a series of projects and programs, RegPM™ provides you with the ultimate certification program to formalise your skills and increase your competitive advantage.

A certification not only looks good on paper, but it demonstrates your capability to deliver project outcomes at a certain level. The more experience and knowledge of project management you have, the larger and more complex projects you’ll be overseeing, therefore the higher your level of certification. To maintain certification, you will be continuing to learn and stay up-to-date through continuous professional development (CPD). So, which project management certification is best in Australia?

Discover the AIPM’s best project management certifications in Australia

With six levels of certification to choose from, the AIPM provides the best project management certifications to increase your competitive edge, whether you’re coordinating project plans or directing project teams. Our RegPM™ certifications allow you to certify your skills with a qualification that provides national recognition for your industry-specific talents, earning a salary roughly 14% higher than those without a RegPM™ certification and driving your career so you can climb the corporate ladder.

If you’re looking to uplift your resume to increase your job prospects or chances of landing a promotion, there’s no better way to do it than with project management certification from the AIPM. Each certification is assessment-based, meaning there are no exams required.

Choose from the following certifications to see which best suits your project management experience:

Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP)

The CPPP validates your capability as a project professional, beginning your RegPM™ certification journey to excel in your career. Consider this program if you are under the direction of a project manager or director and applying project management skills such as scoping, timing, quality and monitoring.

Certified Practising Project Manager (CPPM™)

Are you directly accountable for managing projects, from initiation to planning and execution? This certification is ideal for project managers who plan projects, manage teams and implement projects while consulting with higher authorities.

Certified Practising Senior Project Manager (CPSPM)

If you’re a senior project manager who manages complex or high-risk projects to potentially impact the organisation and key stakeholders, this certification will allow you to demonstrate your expertise and take the next step in your career.

Certified Practising Project Director (CPPD)

Do you comprehensively understand professional practices and knowledge in project management and program management? This certification is ideal for those who regularly direct projects, assess whether progress aligns with organisational goals, and analyse effectiveness.

Certified Practising Portfolio Executive (CPPE)

You can apply for this certification if you’re a portfolio executive who monitors projects and evaluates the most beneficial to the organisation’s strategy.

Certified Practising Project Sponsor (CPPS)

Certified Practising Project Sponsor (CPPS) validates your capability as a project sponsor who ensures the project delivers the agreed business benefits and provides support and governance to the project manager and the project. You will need to have over ten years of experience in practice and have sponsored at least two projects over the past five years.

Chartered Project Professional (ChPP)

The Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) is a separate program that is offered through the Association of Project Management (APM) in the UK. It goes hand in hand with our CPPD and CPPE certifications. Once you have achieved those levels, you can become a Chartered Project Professional through the APM. This great achievement shows that you have a defined level of practice, technical knowledge and solid ethical behaviour. The ChPP can open doors at a local and international level.

If you meet any of the above criteria, become certified with the AIPM today by applying for certification online. You will then connect with an assessor who will brief you on any requirements. You can expect to produce evidence-based case studies to showcase your ability to plan, develop and execute projects. With our certifications, you don’t take a test. You are assessed based on your knowledge of how a project works so that you can succeed in your work environment.

Choose the best certification for project management in Australia at the AIPM

If you want your project management skills and achievements to be recognised, the AIPM has the best certifications for project management for you. There’s no better way to climb the ranks than a certification with the AIPM. It will demonstrate your values to your employer and the advantages you can bring to an organisation.

Give yourself a leading edge with our nationally recognised certifications. Apply today and choose the best project management certification program for project professionals from Australia’s leading membership association.

With over 8,500 members and representation in every Australian state, we exist to lead and represent the project profession in Australia, creating a community and ecosystem that enables project success and the professional advancement of our members.


What is project manager certification?

Project management certifications are a way for individuals to show their competence, planning abilities, and level of knowledge to lead and execute complex projects that require delivery on a schedule and with a budget.

Which project management certification is best for beginners?

Each project management certification is designed for a certain level of project manager experience. If you are just getting started, working under another project manager with aspirations to lead your own projects, start with the Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP). This is the best certification for project management beginners or those early in their project management careers.

How many types of project management certifications are there?

The AIPM has six different certifications available and offers a pathway to chartered status for those that reach our CPPD and CPPE levels. The AIPM is the peak body for project management in Australia, and is the place to go for your certifications. Its RegPM™ certifications are the most recognised within the Australian project management field, and are the primary way to validate your capability with your employer.

Is it worthwhile for most project managers to get certified?

Yes. Many businesses are looking for these specific certifications when they hire project managers for their project teams. Having a RegPM™ certification will allow you to show your knowledge and capacity at a high level of project management.

Why do I need a project management certification?

Companies today are looking for someone who can jump in and lead a project. It’s becoming rarer to “go through the ranks” of a company to get where you are going. By having RegPM™ certification, you are proving you have managed projects at a particular level. This demonstrates your capability of doing a job within that level.

Is there really a ‘best’ certification? Aren’t they all considered equal?

A good certification will showcase your knowledge and expertise at certain levels, and is the benchmark for your future employer. It will give you clear competency standards to identify what is required at each level, and therefore shows how you can progress in your career. The best project management certifications will grow with you and turn you into a formidable project professional.