Participation in the RegPM certification program is available to financial members of AIPM at Associate, Member or Fellow grade.

Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP)

This level is suitable if you are team member who works on projects, contributes to projects plans and participates in team meetings.

Certified Practising Project Manager (CPPM)

The project manager plans projects, manages teams and implements projects in consultation with higher authorities.

Certified Practising Senior Project Manager (CPSPM)

The senior project manager is the 'go to' person that manages difficult and high risk projects that have the potential to impact the organisation and key stakeholders.

You need to achieve the Certified Practising Project Manager (CPPM) level of certification before you can apply for the Certified Practising Senior Project Manager (CPSPM) level of certification.

Certified Practising Project Director (CPPD)

This level suits those who regularly direct projects, assess whether progress is in line with organisational goals, and analyse effectiveness.

Certified Practising Portfolio Executive (CPPE)

The portfolio executive monitors a series of projects and evaluates which ones are most beneficial in light of the whole organisation's strategy.