Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is the process by which RegPM members maintain the quality and relevance of their skills throughout their working life. Following the initial RegPM assessment, RegPMs are required to demonstrate continuous professional development every three years to be able to recertify.

Recertify by CPD points

To recertify through the CPD Program, RegPMs must attain 70 points over the course of three years. See the CPD points table for the various ways you can attain these points.

RegPM members need to logon to the website and record their CPD points claims and attach the required evidence in accordance with the CPD Points Table. AIPM will conduct audits.

At the three-year mark, you will need to complete a recertification application. The application fee for recertification is $210 (inc. GST).

You must achieve the required CPD points to be able to recertify using this method. If you do not accumulate the required points within the specified time period, you must complete a new assessment.


Recertify by Full Assessment

Certified members who have not attained the required number of CPD activity points over the three-year period will need to complete a new assessment.

This will involve completing an application, undertaking a new Assessment with an AIPM approved Assessor at the same RegPM level or a higher RegPM level and paying relevant fees.