What Is Wrong With IT Portfolio Risk Management?

Feb 27

PM Webinar - Presented by Gordon Dunbar, Lecturer, Edith Cowan University.
With IT portfolio failure rates continuing to average around 65% year on year or more*, it seems that the traditional approach to IT risk management involving IT operations, development, security and quality assurance needs to be teased apart and reassembled. In this three-part series on risk management Gordon Dunbar (lecturer, author and consultant in systems thinking)  will provide a detailed analysis of the core problem, proposed solution and way forward by systematically exposing the cause and effect logic used to answer ‘what to change?’, ‘what to change to?’ and  ‘how to effect the change?’

A series of three webinars will progressively dismantle and reassemble risk management at the portfolio level providing a fresh and alternative insight into project risk management for IT projects.

Webinar 2 - What to Change to?
The next sequential phase in that journey is to discover a solution that directly addressed the chosen core problem identified in webinar 1. What role does Risk management play in this process to ensure that the approved solution has an acceptable risk profile. In this webinar, you will discover where the risks are located and how to expose them with a view to finding an acceptable solution.  

Separate registration is required for each webinar.