Are People Bought Into Your Project?

Dec 19
PM Webinar

Getting Stakeholder Buy-In Part 4: How to Build Connection With Your Project

Despite your sponsors desire for success, regardless of the size or complexity of your project, everything that you deliver comes with a risk of the unknown. It is this fear of the unknown that creates suspicion about what you are there to deliver. It's what makes stakeholders think about whether they trust and buy-in to you and your project, or not. You know when stakeholders haven't bought into your project because it hurts. There is resistance to commit the financial and human resources you need.

Requests for decisions or agreements are slow and drawn-out. The critical people that you need engagement & feedback from aren't involved or worse they have delegated it to someone who has more time to care!

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Julia Steel is a global trainer, speaker, and author on building trust and buy-in. She works with organisations and leaders around the world, helping them to translate their ideas and innovation into trusted projects. She has held senior business transformation and project delivery positions at major organisations in both Australia and the UK for two decades and is obsessed with establishing the buy-in, and trust that projects need to deliver. Julia is alumni of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, has led internationally recognised projects and is a Certified Practicing Program Director that is all about delivery, not just theory.