BrainWise Leadership - Mind Your Mistakes

Mar 27
Learning from failure


Separating fact from fiction when it comes to the value of failure, is not as clear cut as the headlines and tweets from motivational speakers and entrepreneurs would have us believe. 

While we can ultimately benefit from both failure and success, most of us don't learn nearly as much as we could from either.

Digging under the surface to understand the neurobiology, and psychology of failure provides a fresh perspective for leaders and people managers.

This science helps us to appreciate the complexities inherent in failure and provides a foundation for gaining insight into the romanization of historic failure when followed by success as opposed to the typically less 'poetic' reactions to failure in the present.

This science-based perspective sheds light on:

  • The multifaceted impact of failure at work
  • The interaction of the social context
  • The individual psychology
  • Methods for managing inevitable mistakes, approximations and near misses

Participants will leave with the ability to recognise a culture that either does or doesn't facilitate mistakes. If not, learn how to create an environment that encourages mistakes, the ability to learn from them and as a result deliver more innovative ideas and solutions. 

Members $40 | Non Members $52
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Drinks and Canapes on arrival.

Thank you to our event partners Gilbert + Tobin for hosting this event.


Dr Connie Henson

Dr Connie Henson is founder/Managing Director of Learning Quest and author of BrainWise Leadership. She is also the creator of the science-based Mind Management™ Methodology and ACUITY™: a leader-led culture transformation program designed to restore customer trust and employee selfconfidence to ‘do the right thing’.

Connie has international experience designing programs to bring about cultural
change, business transformation and leadership development. Her programs are
informed by the latest neuroscience research and her diverse industry experience
(Corporate, SME, Not-for-Profit and Government sectors.)

A lively presenter, Connie’s expertise in the science of ‘how people work’ enables her
to apply the most current research and techniques in a way that is both practical and
entertaining. Her talks encourage high interaction, which quickly gets people to think
and work differently.

Dr Connie Henson

Event Partner

Gilbert and Tobin