Agile in Application

Jul 03
A conversation on experiences and lessons learned


Bringing together great minds who have real stories to share about their experiences on applying Agile Principles is the topic of discussion for this upcoming Fishbowl Experience. A Fishbowl Experience is not a training course, nor a keynote presentation or traditional panel event.

This format lends itself to audience participation with the panel where anyone can have a voice and ask questions. A key benefit is the audience can approach the panel at any time during the conversation and sit inside the Fishbowl to ask a question or even challenge the views of the panel.

Trent Rosen, Director of PSK Performance initiated the first public Fishbowl Experience in 2016 within Australia and London and will be moderating this upcoming event.

Register today at this inaugural Fishbowl Experience with AIPM. Remember to bring your experience, knowledge, questions and be prepared to learn.

Members $40 | Non Members $55
CPD Points: 4


Alidad Hamidi Enterprise Agile Coach
Alidad has extensive agile experience working in some of the largest Australian organisations and helping them transition to more adaptive and responsive ways of working. He sees his purpose as helping people in organisations to focus on learning to work better together. 
He has helped various organisations to establish Adaptive Portfolio Governance, Accelerated Product Development Frameworks and Autonomous Develoment Teams to improve the effectiveness of discovery, design and delivery that results in better customer, employee and business outcome. 
Melinda Harrington Melinda is a Lead Consultant at Elabor8 who helps organisations deliver business value with Agile methods and mindsets. She comes from a software delivery background. Melinda began her Project Management career creating award-winning software for children with disabilities. Transitioned into managing the development of websites from books to wine and everything in between. Joined an Australian Start-Up that was eventually purchased by a large, international company.  She is an Agilist, a Scrum Master, an Agile Coach, a speaker, a writer, a blogger, a volunteer and a passionate believer that we can always improve the way we work. 
Julie Lee Julie is a passionate and experienced professional with over 18 years industry experience in Design Thinking and Agile Ways of Working. In her current role as Director in PwC's Agile Advisory team, Julie helps her clients deliver on their business strategy by applying Design Thinking and Agile mindset to facilitate new ways of working.
Parikshit Basrur Hi everyone, My name is Parikshit Basrur and I am the Director for Enterprise Agility at Deloitte Sydney. As part of my role, I enable and support my clients who are at various stages in their enterprise agility journeys. My background is in leading enterprise agile transformations, most recently across Singtel Optus and Virgin Mobile and prior to that across Bupa and Salesforce. What keeps be busy outside doing what I love doing in my role is being a dad to Aria, my 15-month old and being part of my MBA research exploring leadership models for leading organisations of the future. If that does not keep me out of trouble, you will always be able to ask me about Harley Davidsons and Ford Mustangs.   

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