Inspirational Project Leaders - Lucy O'Flaherty

Jun 25
It takes a village!


: How can the design of aged care facilities better accommodate the specific needs of people living with dementia?

Join us to hear Lucy share insights into the significant impact that design elements have on improving the lives of people living with dementia and how this will look for Korongee Village. The timing of this project highlights the importance of changing how we think, respond to and how we provide care and services in the aged care sector. With Australia having one of the best aged care systems globally, Korongee returns to simple home truths of ’it takes a village’, pushing the boundaries in terms of not doing what has been done before and doing something different. We hope the longer term impact is that this starts a chain reaction giving others a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of possibilities. There is no evidence base that this works, and Korongee will build this so others can use it to create their own change.

Creating spaces such as this village for people living with dementia enables focus on the individual in a much more possible way. Highlighting the value of living in small houses with people whose values you share and have something in common with. In large buildings the sense of institution is unavoidably present when you walk through the front door and well-meaning ideology can easily be lost. With a village you walk into small homes, all with dementia design principals throughout (design, acoustics, textures, patterns, etc.) and a sense of ‘every day’ is easier to maintain.

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Lucy O'Flaherty With 20+ years’ experience in community services from practitioner to executive level, Lucy has been the CEO with Glenview Community Services for the past eight years with a focus on sector reform, change management and creating positive workplace cultures. Prior to being a CEO, she worked as both an executive and as a practitioner with vulnerable children young people and families, housing and homelessness and alcohol and drug misuse. Lucy has significant experience in the areas of sector reform, having led large teams through a range of industry and legislative changes. Combined with her former career in hospitality and marketing, Lucy provides a well-rounded practicable approach to business in finding workable yet strategic solutions.

Lucy O'Flaherty