Applying PM Principles to Address Workplace Laws

Jun 13
Project Management of Court Ordered Enforceable Undertakings


An Enforceable Undertaking (EU) is a written agreement between a government regulator and an organisation who has not followed an Australian workplace law. An EU can be used instead of taking an employer to court, and is used to fix a problem and make sure it doesn't happen again.

A staggering 80% *of Enforceable Undertakings in Australia are reported as failing (*Vic WorkSafe data), and there is little reliable information on how to prepare for an EU to achieve the desired outcomes. How would you deal with this?

A Yarra Trams upgrade project resulted in a workplace safety incident involving severe burns to an apprentice, after project communication, planning, scoping and risk management principles were neglected. As result of this incident, in March 2018, Yarra Trams received a Victoria Magistrates Court order for an EU to be completed in 18 months.

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Benjamin Greig Team Manager, Power Operations Centre, Yarra Trams

Ben is a down to earth people manager, multi-talented, nationally and internationally experienced Technical, People & Business manager who brings out the best in his teams, the contract, the business and the stakeholders to ensure client and community satisfaction.

Consultant and proven Subject Matter Expert (SME) in all facets of Construction, Operations, Maintenance, Facilities operations and complex Projects.  Project Manager and subject matter expert for Yarra Trams Court ordered Enforceable Undertaking.

Benjamin Greig

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