Leading the Charge - The Critical Role of Project Management in Delivering an Industry-Changing Transformation

Seelan Nayagam

Managing Director for CSC in Australia and New Zealand, Seelan Nayagam discusses CSC's view on delivering an industry-changing transformation.

World Cafe

Yvonne Butler and James Bawtree

Slides from the World Cafe, as hosted by Yvonne Butler and James Bawtree.

From student to project manager - An efficient transition

Dr Ross Yates

A look at how MercyCare engaged with postgraduate students at Edith Cowan University to collaboratively work towards mutually beneficial project management and systems outcomes, with a view to developing industry-ready student capabilities.

Formal and Informal Networks - Implications for Project Performance

Ekaterina Anichenko

This paper examines the nature of informal and formal networks in organisations and the influence that such networks exert within the project setting.

With lives at stake can you afford to not have a dynamic and predictive risk analysis methodology

Associate Professor Bruce Northcote and Grant Matthews

Aspen Medical and TRC Mathematical Modelling at The University of Adelaide have created a risk analysis tool that promotes accurate planning and ensures appropriate resourcing for medical evacuations from remote communities.

Resilience Considerations in Project Management

Adam Byrne

Over the last century, a number of events have forced organisations globally to respond and recover from emergencies. Adam Byrne looks at how the integrity of the process is just as important as the outcome.

Plans versus Planning

Robert McMartin MAIPM

Robert McMartin gets the audience of his presentation about what a plan it is, how it can mean different things to different people and how it relates to planning.

Earned Value Management is not the be-all and end-all but it is close

Stephen Pirie MAIPM

Steve Pirie has over 20 years of industry experience across the globe in implementation of project control systems using Earned Value, and here he walks through the disciplines involved in establishing a robust project control system utilising EVM.

Data Capture Efficiency for Renewals Programs

Steve Walker MAIPM CPPD

Steve Walker looks at how Unitywater manages their renewals programs, and the the tools used for data capture which lead to efficiencies gained and future opportunities.

The Project Management Office - Issues in Deployment of PMOs in Australia

Anthony Wood MAIPM CPPD

This paper reports findings of a survey where participants had either managed a PMO or managed the implementation of a PMO in Australia, or were managers with sufficient oversight to report on the efficacy of specific PMO implementations.

The policy-project nexus - Lessons learned from a policy implementation project

Fiona Margetts MAIPM

This case study on a policy implementation project looks at the context, role of policy in higher education, Policy Refresh Project, critical success factors, lessons learned and current and future state of the project.

North Port Quay - The One That Got Away

Chris Carman FAIPM

A case study on the proposed North Point Quay in Western Australia, addressing the process and possible future steps.

National Public Projects Implementation System as a Tool for Public Policy Implementation

Dr Stanislaw Gasik

This presentation presents the initial results of research on National Public Projects Implementation System performed in over 70 countries on all continents.

Capability Development of Consultant Project Managers - A Future Proofing Case Study

Timothy Swain MAIPM

Contraction in the engineering and construction industry in Australia has meant increased competition for available projects. Beca's Tim Swain looks at how value for money is now increasingly important to clients.

The 7 Secrets to Succesful Strategy Implementation

Michael Young FAIPM CPPD

This presentation examines the various models and research that has been undertaken on strategy implementation, and identifes the seven screts required for successful strategy implementation.

Strategy Implementation - Programme management in its context

Martin R Sedlmayer

This article describes the different aspects of programme context, discusses the rational and concludes by addressing a couple of learnings of this programme, which was initiated in 2011 and will go beyond 2022 before close-out.

A Review of Strategic Outcomes of Public Private Partnerships in Australia

Assoc Prof Peter Gibson and Aftab Siddiqui MAIPM

This study aims at presenting ideas for design of PPP arrangements aimed at presenting wider understanding of critical success factors in PPP’s.

The World of Projects – Projects for the World

Reinhard Wagner

International Project Management Association (IPMA) President Reinhard Wager takes a global view on project management's place in the world, and discusses the role of IPMA in that world.

Professionalising for public Benefit

Steve Wake

Chair of the Association of Project Management (UK), Steve Wake takes us through the history of the profession of project management and looks at the next steps in the journey towards recognition of the profession.

Organisational change factors - More than disgruntled employees or poor process

Mathew Donald MAIPM

Mathew's presentation looks over the history of research in to change resistance factors, and covers background on topic, a literature review, research methodology, key findings and the future of the topic.

No Gold Plating Here! A Utility Company’s Journey to Agile

Cate Hilliard

This presentation covers SA Power Network's ‘Agile Transition Project’  to design and implement an Agile practice for the delivery of solutions, and looks at the successes and failures to date and any major learnings and...

Governing project, programme, portfolio performance and ROI

Harold Petersen

This presentation provides valuable insight as to how you can rapidly design a practical Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Office (‘P3O’) blueprint that is able to govern and manage strategic portfolio management within an...

Getting Real Value from Project Risk Management

Gavin Halling MAIPM

This paper describes a KISS approach to gathering risk data so that only information that is essential to managing risks is collected.

Driving Project Success with Data

Phil Goulstone

Phil Gouldstone takes a deep-dive in to how data can help drive the success of our projects.

Using stakeholder engagement and communication to build the project value proposition

Lauren McGrath and John Dyson

This presentation was a case study on the devleopment of the Flinders University Student Hub and Plaza, and using stakeholder engagement/communications to build project value proposition.

Risky Stakeholders - Exploring the connection between risk and stakeholders

Dr Lynda Bourne

This paper covers a methodology for building and maintaining robust relationships, looks at factors that make each stakeholder unique and describes the differences between crisis management, stakeholder management and stakeholder engagement.

Negotiation Across Genders and Cultures

Alice Crawley

Alice's presentation covers how to negotiate more effectively in your career and personal life, passing on proven practical skills, preparation methods, personal insights and strategies based on leading global research.

Distribution Management System

Stuart Elkins MAIPM CPPM

This presentation will provide an insightful, interesting and informative view of how governance can play an important role in both delivering a project and pausing a project.

Conscious Project Leadership - How to be consistently successful

Colin Ellis

This presentation mixes case studies, research, anecdotes and humour to present the challenges we face and provide people with practical steps they can take to become Conscious Project Leaders.

A Case Study in Project Management - Building Capabilities in a Developing Business Environment

Murray Gough MAIPM CPPD

The context of this three-month assignment involves two Australian Consultants working closely with the Host Organisation (HO), a regional Chamber of Commerce in Southern Sri Lanka, to improve their project management capability.

Why may public infrastructure project over-promise likely outcomes

Hamzeh Zarei

This paper focuses on the delivery process of public infrastructure projects and investigates the asymmetry of power among participants to unravel the complexity of decision authorities and delegations.

The Elephant in the Boom

Julia Steel MAIPM CPPD

This presentation explores why we need to change and how we can future proof project management as an industry and in our own careers and provides innovative solutions to support the future of project management.

Ensuring Collaboration delivers tangible benefits

Robert Bolton

This presentation looks in to the theory that that combining CCPM and a Project Alliance offers the industry a powerful approach to improvement through case studies including public and private sector examples.

The Status Quo of Project Portfolio Management Practices in Australian Sectors

Jantanee Dumrak, Dr Sherif Mostafa and Nick Hadjinicolaou MAIPM

This research investigates PPM practices of organisations in key Australian sectors, and aims to understand common strategic objectives when organisational management is selecting a project or program.

Why Project Management in the Public Sector must embrace Change Management at an Operational Level

Isabel Gray-Garraway MAIPM CPPM

The presentation will describe the changing face of the NSW Public Sector Project Manager – what it means to be a project manager in a changing government environment.

Strategic value of enterprise project management

Rob Loader

Telstra's Rob Loader discusses the importance of Enterprise Portfolio Management, breaking it down through topic areas including the strategic alignment, enterprise architecture, portfolio planning and execution and capacity.

Planning For Success - The translation of asset planning to capital delivery strategy

Graeme Pugh

This presentation covers the case study of when a small team of project management professionals were tasked with translating a water utility's four year regulated capital plan ($1.2Bn) into a program delivery strategy.

Projects & Cultures

Murray Gough

In the Asia-Pacific Summit, Murray Gough touches on some personal experiences when it comes to delivering projects in Asia during his session on "Cultural Awareness: Asia Pacific".

Managing Complex Projects

Dr Erin Evans and Ian Biggs FAIPM

The Managing Complex Project Summit agenda included the State of Play: Managing Projects, Background of Managing Complex Projects and an outline of what CPM is and how it complements traditional PM.

Summit 2 – Asia Pacific

Bill Young

AIPM Life Fellow Bill Young looks at the international project management environment, and dives in to what challenges project management professionals face working across borders and cultures.