If you have a quick search of the employment market today, you will soon find numerous Project Manager jobs in just about every industry you can think of. Project management is becoming a lucrative career choice for many professionals in Australia.

What was once a role that was largely linked to the Construction and Infrastructure industries, Project Managers can now be found in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors across a range of industries including IT, Health, Finance, Entertainment, Retail and Hospitality.

Project Managers are essential to the effective running of a project, ensuring that costs are kept within budget, projects stay on track and are finished on time, and that the needs of stakeholders and team members are met. That is why the AIPM advocates for competent Project Managers to be at the helm of projects to ensure that all these requirements are met.

So what exactly makes a great Project Manager and how can you navigate a career in project management successfully? In this eBook we will address these questions and more. We will run you through everything from the skills needed to succeed as a Project Manager today to the typical career path of the project management professional.

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