The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) was pleased to respond to the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) discussion paper earlier this year on the proposed ‘National Registration Framework (NRF) for Building Practitioners Discussion Paper’ in relation to the Building Confidence Report (recommendations 1 and 2), proposing the registration of building practitioners involved in the design, construction and maintenance of buildings.

AIPM has since provided input not only on the NRF but has also consulted with the ABCB to help shape the definition of qualified and experienced Project Management within these frameworks.

AIPM has previously undertaken consultation with NSW & Queensland Governments to acknowledge and regulate the use of qualified and experienced Project Managers within Building Practitioner frameworks. In late 2019, AIPM submitted responses to the NSW Government on the draft legislation of the Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019 and ‘Building Stronger Foundations’ Discussion Paper. AIPM continues to support the Office of the Building Commissioner through an online Community of Practice Roundtable reviewing the current and future landscape of construction industry’s professional services in NSW in relation to Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers. We have also offered the Minister for Housing and Public Works Queensland Government support to facilitate a review of technical qualifications for the QBCC Project Management Licence.

AIPM acknowledges that the NRF is a major step forward in ensuring compliant building work within the building and construction industry, however we determined that the proposed NRF as it relates to Project Managers was too simplistic.

Some of AIPMs recommendations to the NRF included:

Project manager levels should relate to design, or construction or both.

‘Project coordination must be done by registered project managers, unless the coordination is confined within one of the categories of design, construction or approval, in which case it can be done by a registered designer, registered builder (individual) or a registered building surveyor.’

AIPM believes that the project manager definitions do not correlate with industry definitions or project manager terminology and standards.

Level 1 PM Description and Qualifications

‘Approved degree or advanced diploma in building and construction management that includes approved NCC training, or approved degree or advanced diploma in building and construction management plus approved NCC training.’

AIPM highlighted that the definition of the ABCB proposed NRF L1 EDUCATION + APPLICATION implies a relatively low competency for managing large building projects.

AIPM has also advised that the qualification is too narrow and does not outline the appropriate experience and knowledge for large scale / highly complex projects. AIPM recommends that qualifications be widened and a measurement of competency through accredited coursework, CPD requirements and cross industry portfolio experience is introduced into the framework.

Project managers are increasingly taking on the responsibilities of engineers, builders, and
architects, and frequently have one of these professions as their base discipline. AIPM believes that the use of experienced, certified construction project managers should be considered, and a proposed framework conflates design, approval, and construction management.

More recently, we highlighted that the proposed frameworks definition for Project Management, as it stands, would introduce unacceptable risks to ensuring building quality and standards.

AIPM have further consulted with ABCB on the definition of Project Manager and qualification/ experience levels to include our certification standards, with the aim of having them recognized as an equivalent or approved qualification for the Project Management framework.  It is our belief that this would strengthen the NFR as our certification process requires members to demonstrate knowledge and practical experience in the specific areas of project management that an undergraduate degree cannot. Project management levels have been further defined to include Recommended AIPM (RegPM) Certification levels:

Level Type Qualifications Experience
1 Unlimited AQF 7 4-5 years (or equivalent AIPM CPSPM certification)
2 Medium Rise AQF 5 3 years (or equivalent AIPM CPPM certification)


CPPM Certification determines a solid and broad understanding of professional practices and project management where the individual is directly accountable for the management of projects.

CPSPM Certification is based on previously achieving the CPPM certification. Assessment is based on a comprehensive understanding of professional practices and knowledge in project management.

Details on the certification levels and their relevant Competency Standards are provided here.