Project management has rapidly grown in Australia and is radically transforming the way we do business and deliver strategic initiatives across all industries. It is no longer just a job title but fast becoming an essential skill in all professions. At the forefront of corporate change, growth, and innovation, the project profession contributes close to 30% of Australia’s GDP.

Here at the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), our commitment is to drive professional excellence by bringing people and ideas together for Australia’s success. Therefore, we set out to build a new brand that would drive us into the future and welcome all project people to be part of our community.

“We are so excited to share our brand refresh and new website, which both retain a strong connection to the history of the AIPM, while looking forward to the future. The inclusion of all project managers and project people around Australia is of great importance and we are committed to supporting the future of the project profession with our modern aesthetic. Please take the time to explore all that our new website and brand has to offer.”

Sid Gokani, Chief Executive Officer at the Australian Institute of Project Management



Why did we drive this shift now?

It was important for our members to be part of the process of creating our new brand, so, at the start of 2021, we asked our members how they felt about us, and they described us as professional and informative, but not always relevant to all project managers. This quote below really became a driver for the shift to a more modern and inclusive brand:

“I don’t fit the standard project manager role and there is little offered that I identify with.”

Traditionally, our membership base has been strongly represented by regulated project sectors of construction, defence, and government, but our aim now is to engage, educate, and advocate for all people who touch the project profession in Australia.

We are also investing significantly in our member experience with a new website and member portal to expand our digital offerings. We want to connect more project people across a variety of industries and career levels to drive thought leadership and project performance – and our new brand allows us to do that.


Driving the creation of the brand

The history of the AIPM goes back more than 40 years, which started with the Project Managers Forum (PMF) in 1976, but the AIPM brand as we know it was born in 1991. In that time the role of a project manager has evolved and so has our identity. The project manager started at the centre, making things happen with our first logo but now they do more than just implement: they direct and inspire that implementation (as seen in our most recent logo).

“We’re an integrating profession, and I like how this represents the many different aspects of the profession. It’s time to set our stamp on the industry as the peak body for the profession – and while the logo has served us well, we need a refresh to match that mindset.”

Ian Sharpe FAIPM CPPD, member since 2006


Brand ideation

We have retained the diamond/compass shape from both previous logos to show our history of over 30 years of the AIPM. The centre X symbolises the project manager being the centre of everything. This was also a feature in our previous logos and we still believe that needs to be a focus for our new brand.

The direction and connection ideations help to represent our vision and purpose – bringing people and ideas together for project and organisational success. We have also included our four values in the new brand, referring to our new B.O.L.D. values of belonging, openness, leadership, and drive.

Together these ideations make our new brand mark. They also offer us an opportunity to pull these segments of the brand mark out and use them as devices across our digital assets and bring our brand to life.

“I like that the new brand has retained connection to our past while looking forward to the future. The way the images are embedded in the logo will be a powerful symbol in future marketing materials. I am excited to see consistency throughout our website and marketing materials – both at a national and state level.”

Simon Phillips MAIPM CPPD, member since 2013


Projects change the world and project management professionals are the change agents. The role of project managers has been elevated as they now have an increased influence in strategy setting, the formation of teams, and the execution of organisational growth. Therefore, our new brand reflects where we have come from, and also where we are going.


What other changes did we drive?

A brand is much more than just a representation of a logo on a website or a printed brochure: a brand really comes down to the right mix of elements and the project people who bring it to life.


Our colour palette pays homage to our past with the inclusions of three blues – dark navy, aqua, and electric blue – but in a more contemporary scheme. The pops of purple and white help to solidify the contrast between the old and new.


We have selected a mix of people and large-scale projects to be featured across our digital and print assets. The people will be showcased in natural candid settings, engaging, collaborating, and working as project professionals do. The large-scale project images compliment the people imagery, as the spacious photos allude to the large-scale impact the AIPM has within the project profession. We then treat these images with washes of our new colour palette to make them uniquely AIPM’s.

Website refresh

We have also significantly improved our member experience with a new website to expand our digital offering. This makes it easier than ever to connect with project people across a variety of industries, career levels and locations.
Check out the features that will transform the way you interact with us:
  • Intuitive navigation and search functionality
  • Self-serve dashboard and account section that is personalised to your member type and certification status
  • New opt-in member directory allowing members to promote their membership and certification status
  • Improved member benefits area creating ease of access to AIPM products, services and member exclusive benefits
  • Enhanced resource hub for project professionals to find content that is useful and relevant to their project management career
  • Central member-exclusive resource library to help you browse our tools, templates, guides and more.


How will this affect our current members?

As we deliver our new brand and enhance the member experience, you will see the marked changes to the way AIPM looks and feels. Most noticeably, you will see the new AIPM logo and colours across our new website, all our member tools and services, correspondence, and advertising.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything but enjoy the new look and feel of our brand. Please take the time to explore our website and all our digital offerings, and we would love to hear what you think.

“In line with our member-focused strategy, enhancement of member experience is the AIPM Board’s key priority. To achieve this, the national team has been working tirelessly for over 12 months to refresh the AIPM’s brand and prepare the launch across all our digital channels. We trust this represents and will support the AIPM’s growth over the coming years, whilst respecting our great legacy and keeping our membership at the core. We hope you enjoy this new look and feel.”

Elena Zagorenko FAIPM CPPE, Chair of the Board