The continuing workplace challenges of 2021 underline the importance of delivering projects through times of uncertainty. When the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) descriptor was coined, who could have contemplated the reality of a worldwide pandemic and its enduring impact on our lives?

Regardless, the need to deliver value through projects has been constant, and even accentuated – whether for the critical capability to address COVID 19, infrastructure investments to kick start and then sustain the economy, or business transitions to pivot to the new or changing environment. Throughout these times, project professionals have maintained focus on delivery, not just of tangible products and milestones but also of the benefits and outcomes that current projects address.

Now that we in Australia and across the world are starting to experience a return to less constrained ways of working, the common question is, “What now?” 2021 AIPM and KPMG Project Management Survey sought the opinions and considerations of those intimately involved in project delivery. The survey results represent project practitioners’ collective opinions and observations at the coalface of delivery and provide insights into what is working and what is not in the project management market.

Overall, we have a positive picture to share. Over the four years in which this survey has been conducted; we have observed and commented on areas of improvement. In addition, we see a significant level of consistency in some responses over the longitudinal view. The findings of this survey offer organisations and project delivery practitioners an invaluable opportunity to reinforce the good practices and identify areas of focus. And in turn, it enables the project management profession to go forward with renewed purpose and relevance.

This report includes:

  • How project maturity is linked to success
  • How COVID-19 has impacted project and program delivery
  • The role of project governance
  • How change increases complexity
  • How Agile adoption challenges organisations
  • The future focus and call to action

Discover how projects fared in 2021 and how we can look forward with renewed purpose and relevance by downloading the 2021 AIPM and KPMG Project Management Survey Report. It deep dives into the current trends in project management in Australia to help elevate the quality of project delivery, while highlighting issues facing project management professionals.