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The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) strives for transparency in our governance practices and policies while remaining responsive to our members. We see these as indispensable ingredients in positioning the AIPM for long-term success.

The AIPM Board

The AIPM Board of Directors is responsible for the overall corporate governance of the AIPM. Its powers are referred to in the AIPM’s constitution. The objectives and responsibilities of the board are set out in the board charter, which is regularly reviewed by the board. The adoption of any proposed changes to the constitution is subject to the approval of the membership at a general meeting.

The board of directors of the company shall comprise not less than three and not more than seven directors as follows:

  • up to four directors elected by the members
  • up to three directors appointed by the board.


The objectives of the board are to determine and to monitor:

  • the AIPM short, medium, and long-term goals and its overall strategic direction
  • policies governing the operations of AIPM and the conduct of its members
  • powers and functions of chapter councils, board committees, and other committees as may be established from time-to-time
  • annual progress and performance of the AIPM in meeting its objectives.

AIPM Board members

The Board is the Australian Institute of Project Management’s governing body. The board also forms short-term working groups to oversee key strategic issues, as needs arise.

Connie Beck

Chair of the Board

Samin Pedram

Independent Director of the Board

Peter Tow

Director of the Board

Dr Binod Aryal

Independent Director of the Board

Annual reports and AGM

Find out more about our organisation and explore how we’re performing. Access our most recent annual general meeting and historical annual reports.

AIPM governance documents

Constitution (2022)

22-25 Strategic plan

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