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CPSPM certification overview

Certified Practising Senior Project Manager (CPSPM) is the next step up in your career, to demonstrate your expertise, after achieving Certified Practising Project Manager (CPPM). This level is right for you if you are directly accountable for the management of very large and/or complex projects in your present role, and have been for the past three years.

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Benefits of RegPM™ certification

The Australian Institute of Project Management’s certification levels are the utmost recognition for project management professionals.


Demonstrate your capability to deliver project outcomes at a certain level.

Competitive edge

RegPM™ certified project professionals in Australia earn a median salary 14% higher than those without RegPM™ certification, according to the AIPM’s most recent Project Management Salary Report Australia. 


Drive your career forward with the confidence to achieve project goals.

Power your career progression with a senior project manager certification

Find out how to get the competitive edge at any career stage with RegPM™ certification.

RegPM™ certification brochure

Eligibility for CPSPM

  • Have you achieved the CPPM™ certification?
  • Do you have a comprehensive understanding of professional practices and knowledge in project management?
  • Are you directly accountable for the management of very large and/or complex projects in your present role?
  • Have you been directly accountable for the management of at least two very large and/or complex projects in the last three years?
  • Do you mentor/direct junior project managers within your organisation?
  • Do you apply comprehensive management plans across all of the project management knowledge areas on your projects?
  • Can you provide documentary evidence of this work from the past three years?

Apply for a RegPM™ certification

Certification is exclusive to AIPM members as this is the ultimate pairing to drive project management success.

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