Established by AIPM in 2000, the Project Management Achievement Awards (PMAA) exist to recognise, honour and promote outstanding achievements in program and project management.

The PMAA is awarded first at the chapter level, where winners are selected in each Australian state and territory. Awards are then announced at a national level at the gala dinner as part of the AIPM Conference. 


General project management

Category 1: Construction/Engineering
Category 2: Defence/Aerospace
Category 3: ICT/Telecommunications
Category 4: Organisation/Change Management
Category 5: Small Projects
Category 6: Regional Projects
Category 7: Community Service and/or Development
Category 8: Sustainable Projects
Category 9: Financial Services (NEW)
Category 10: Professional Services (NEW) 
Category 11: Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid Projects
Category 12: Project Management Research Awards

Individual project management achievement

Category A: Program/Project Director
Category B: Project Manager
Category C: Young Project Manager (18-35 years)
Category D: Project Team Member


In a competitive market place, it's essential your organisation has the appropriate structures, methodologies and training in place to achieve successful project outcomes on a consistent basis. Entering the PMAA awards:

Provides recognition

The PMAA provide industry recognition of project teams and project managers for their career achievements, at both the project and individual level.

Helps you gauge performance against peers

Submitting your entry to the PMAA can help you gauge the success and implementation of your organisational programs against that of similar organisations. The awards are an opportunity to better understand how your project management maturity and performance compares to that of peers.

Boosts employee engagement

Participating in the PMAA gives organisations a platform to boost employee morale, engagement and performance.

Attracts publicity for your organisation

Extends organisations' marketing and advertising budgets by attracting positive publicity for well-managed, innovative projects.

Goes towards RegPM certification

A certified RegPM is entitled to 15 CPD points per PMAA submission by being involved in preparation of the submission. If the submission is judged to be a winner at chapter level, you are entitled to an additional 5 CPD points. The winners from chapter level are then elevated to national level and if you win at national level, you are entitled to an additional 5 CPD points. It is possible for all category and individual winners at national level to receive 25 CPD points in total per award submission.