From Project Creation to Value Creation

Oct 23
Meeting the challenge of your changing role as a Project Manager

Our professional community is changing.

These changes are not slow, they are rapid changes that have the potential to impact everything in our professional community; from our theoretical foundations, to our tools, systems and processes, as well as the way the profession is perceived by organisations around the globe.

In the midst of all this, how do we, as Project Managers, create value through our projects?

Join Greg Usher, National General Manager for RPS Buildings and Property, present his insights from 4 years of doctoral research into the role of the Project Manager in this brave new world.

Discover for yourself

  • Why 'project success' does not necessarily guarantee 'value creation';
  • Why our traditional understanding of creating value must change as we move into the future; and
  • What this new concept of 'value' will mean for the profession of Project Management as we move into a brave new world.


Greg Usher Greg Usher has over 20 years’ experience as a client-side project manager in the Australian Construction Sector.

He has delivered over $2.0B worth of facilities throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea. He is currently the National General Manager of a client-side project management firm employing over 200 PMs nationally.

He is a Certified Practicing Project Executive (CPPE) and has recently submitted his doctoral thesis “Creating Confidence from amongst the Complexity: The ‘lived experience’ of client-side project managers” for examination.

Greg Usher

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