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Become an effective project sponsor

The Project Sponsor Masterclass will provide project sponsors and executive sponsors with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities, and the key risks, challenges, and complexities to manage for effective sponsorship across projects.

Through the Australian Institute of Project Management’s (AIPM) Professional Advancement Framework, we deliver these in-house, four-hour classes to equip project sponsors for the future. The AIPM develops a project sponsor training program tailored specifically to your organisation’s enterprise delivery framework which enables project sponsors to effectively support projects to drive success.


Who is this masterclass for?

This training is suitable for senior managers and above (up to C-suite), who have some level of project exposure and have project sponsorship responsibilities, in both delivery and business success. It will be particularly helpful for those without a project background. Specifically, the masterclass is suitable for:

  • senior managers with project sponsorship responsibilities
  • executives with executive sponsor responsibilities
  • senior managers of business units who are regularly consulted with regarding project work (e.g., legal departments)
  • leaders from all sectors who have project sponsorship responsibilities.

What your team will learn

Understand the link between project success and project sponsorship

Become a well-equipped project sponsor, with hands-on training and resources to maximise your performance and enable project success.

Demonstrate sponsor support of the project manager and project

Gain tools for effective governance and learn how you can reduce the risk of time, cost, and quality blowouts, and stay true to business goals.

Assess personal sponsorship capabilities

Learn how to become a confident and knowledgeable project sponsor, applying effective sponsorship skills.

Masterclass details


This masterclass is one half-day (four-hours) interactive, in-house training.


Online or face-to-face


To be determined with your organisation


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