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Policy statement

This policy relates to current AIPM members who are undertaking assessment for RegPM Certification and have been affected by extenuating circumstances and will not meet their submission due date. This policy identifies the extenuating circumstances and sets out the eligibility criteria and the process for requesting an extension.



In certain circumstances members are unable to complete their RegPM assessments by their submission due date. These circumstances include:

  • Serious illness
  • Bereavement
  • Serious extenuating circumstances
  • Job loss resulting in inability to access workplace evidence required for assessment
  • Evidence to support requests for consideration under this policy is required.


AIPM seeks to establish a fair and equitable solution to assist candidates meet their submission due date whose circumstances meet the above criteria to successfully complete their assessments.


Application of policy

AIPM members undertaking assessment who are unable to complete their assessment by the submission due date may apply in writing for consideration of an extension under this policy. Each individual case will need to be supported by appropriate evidence where required and if the review is successful the applicant will be notified in 5 working days.


Extension of time to complete

1.1 A RegPM assessment candidate who will not complete their assessment by the submission due date must apply in writing for an extension.

1.2 Extension applications should be submitted as early as possible. All requests for extensions of time must be received one week prior to the due date for completion of assessment tasks.


Length of extensions

1.3 The normal, maximum extension is a short extension of 1 month beyond the original submission due date.

1.4 In exceptional circumstances this extension may be increased to 2 months. Any extra time beyond 1 month will be granted on a case-by-case basis. This will require serious supporting circumstances, clear evidence of those circumstances and additional evidence about the member’s ability to complete their assessment.


Grounds for extension

1.5 Valid grounds for an extension include:

  • Serious medical or mental health problems, including of an immediate family member for whom the candidate has primary caring responsibilities.
  • ​Other serious extenuating circumstances beyond control, e.g. death in the family, victim of crime, job loss that interfere with the candidate’s ability to complete their assessment.


1.6 Non-valid grounds for an extension include:

  • Work-related reasons, such as work commitments.
  • Voluntary change in job.


1.7 AIPM will take into consideration each member’s history of making applications for extensions and repeated extension applications may be rejected.


​How to apply for an extension

1.8 An application for an extension is made exclusively in writing to, copying in the member’s allocated RegPM assessor.

1.9 Members should not approach RegPM assessors directly to ask for extensions, nor can RegPM assessors influence the application of the extension policy.

1.10 An application for an extension must be accompanied by documentary evidence supporting the grounds for an extension (supporting documentation). Scanned copies will be accepted.

1.11 Approved applications are notified to the member in writing and copied to the allocated RegPM assessor. Extensions are recorded in AIPM internal systems.

1.12 Members should continue to work on assessments pending notification of approval of the Extension.