Today, on International Project Management Day, I am honoured to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of project professionals who have not only excelled in their field but have also made remarkable contributions to our industry, economy, and community.

In our ever-evolving global landscape, where challenges are met with innovation, transformation, and unwavering dedication, project management emerges as a cornerstone of progress across industries and sectors. At the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), we understand the essential role that project management plays in shaping our world and driving organisations toward success.

Project managers are the driving force behind the realisation of strategic initiatives, from ground-breaking technological advancements to sustainable infrastructure development, and beyond. Their ability to navigate complexities, manage resources efficiently, and foster collaboration ensures that projects are delivered with precision and excellence.

At the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), we are committed to empowering and advocating for our members, providing them with the knowledge, tools, and networks to thrive in the dynamic project management landscape. Our mission is to cultivate excellence, promote best practices, and foster a vibrant project management community that drives value and innovation.

As we celebrate International Project Management Day, let us reflect on the accomplishments achieved through effective project management and the unwavering dedication of project professionals who continuously seek excellence and adapt to new challenges.

At AIPM, we take immense pride in recognising the exceptional talents and accomplishments of our members. In particular, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to those who have been named finalists and winners of the prestigious AIPM Project Management Achievement Awards (PMAAs). Your outstanding achievements have not only set new standards of excellence but have also showcased the incredible impact that project management can have on our world.

On this day, let us remember that our collective success as a profession is built upon the dedication and contributions of outstanding professionals like you. Your work has a far-reaching impact, enriching lives and communities, and for that, we are immensely grateful.

On behalf of AIPM, I extend my deepest appreciation to all Project Managers, both within AIPM and across the globe for your pursuit of excellence, and your role in shaping a brighter future. Together, let us continue to advance the standards of project management, embrace innovation, and drive positive change.

Happy International Project Management Day!

Chief Executive Officer
Australian Institute of Project Management